Complete Cables Pack

All of the cables used in the full Ender IDEX kit including power, extender cables and complete cables the new stepper motors and endstop.

USD$ 50.81

Seller: SEN 3D
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This pack includes the following:

Extension cables
X1 Axis
Y Axis
Z Axis
E1 Motor
X1 Endstop
Y Endstop
Z Endstop
Bed thermistor
Hotend 1 thermistor
Hotend 2 thermistor
Hotend 1 heater
Hotend 2 heater
Heated bed
Hotend 1 parts cooling fan
Hotend 1 heatbreak fan
Hotend 2 parts cooling fan
Hotend 2 heatbreak fan

Custom Cables
3 to 1 power cable with XT60 connector
E2 motor cable
X2 motor cable
X2 endstop cable
LCD screen cable
Box, hotend 1 and hotend 2 fan connector