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Ultra Enclosure – Digital Product
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The Ultimate 3D Printer Enclosure

Build your own custom 3D printer enclosure. The ultimate "print your own parts" enclosure kit.

What's in the kit?

30+ Printable Parts & Add-ons

Templates & Documentation

Personal Guidance & Support

Lifetime Updates & New Part Voting

Private Community Access

100% Custom

Design the 3D printer enclosure of your dreams.

From a multi printer farm to a single machine. From large format printers to a collection of tiny ones. Create a work bench or add extra storage space. Make the Ultra Enclosure your own.

Awesome Add-ons

Go pro with add-ons like venting fans, temperature gauges, LEDs and much more.

Plus, vote on which add-on get's designed and released next.

Cool Colours

Build it your way. Buy, print and paint the parts in any colour or material you like.

PLA or PETG…Clear Acrylic or Tinted…Red or Green. Build the ultimate 3D printing setup.

Highly Functional

Printing ABS is actually quite simple, you just need the right setup.

With the Ultra Enclosure you can print ABS or large PLA and PETG models with ease.

No warping, no cracking, no problem.

Without an Enclosure

ABS - B Out

With an Enclosure

ABS - B In

Less Fumes

Horrible print fumes stay inside the chamber and vent them outside with ease.

Less Energy

Heat the printer, not the room and save electricty while you're at it.

Less Mess

Keep printing mess inside the chamber and dust outside of your printer.

Delightfully Easy

A simple, modular design that uses off the shelf materials and 3D printed parts. All fitted to a strong and sturdy shelving frame.

Plus a video guide, documentation, parts list, templates, print guides, exclusive community, direct support and much more.

Impressively professional, surprisingly easy

Instant Files

Buy the Ultra Enclosure kit now, instantly download the files and start printing the parts today.

The kit also comes with lifetime updates. New parts, new add-ons, download them all for free.

Plus, vote on the parts than get designed and added next

About SEN 3D

SEN 3D is a small business started by me, Kane (and it's just me so far). I'm based in the UK and a huge 3D printing enthusiast.

The Ultra Enclosure kit is my second product, I built it for my own farm to print parts for my Ender IDEX kit. I can't wait to see what your Ultra Enclosure will look like.

By buying from me you're supporting my work as well as helping me develop more exciting kits and products (I have lots of ideas in the pipeline).

I'd really love to hear what you think, what you like and what can be made better. My goal is to make 3D printing bigger and better for as many people as possible.