Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions cover your usage of the 3D Plus website, your registration with the website, downloading of any free or paid for product and use or any free or paid for product.

1. Background

by downloading any product or files from the 3D Plus website you accept the terms of this agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not agree to these terms do not purchase or download products form this website.

2. Downloading Terms

3D Plus grants you perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable permission to use the content and files that you purchase or download from your account for the Permitted Uses only (as defined below). Unless the activity is a Permitted Use you cannot do it.

All rights including copyright, intellectual property and ownership of the files and products are retained by 3D Plus and the respective product creator.

3. Permitted Uses

(a) You may print any and all files that you purchase or download for free with your account for personal use. You may make multiple prints of these parts but all prints must be used by your personally. You may not sell or giveaway parts for free that are printed from the files obtained from 3D Plus. Any parts found to be provided to others for free or via a sale shall constitute infringement of copyright.

(b) You may modify the files and parts which you download as you wish. However, any file created from or based on a file downloaded from 3D Plus must follow the same personal usage outlined above. Modified files cannot be shared for free or via a sale and parts printed from the modified files must be exclusively used for personal use.

(c) You may take photos and make videos of the parts, your modifications or anything else related to the products and share this as you wish. Provided the original files themselves are not shared and no other party can product the end product without making purchase you are free to share content you create in conjunction with the product as you see fit.

If there is any doubt that a proposed use is a Permitted Use, you should contact 3D Plus for guidance.

4. Standard License Prohibitions

(a) You may not share for free or via a sale any files that are downloaded from the 3D Plus website. This includes products which are made available for free on the 3D Plus website, if you wish to share these files with another person you should direct them to register on 3D Plus and download the product for free themselves directly from 3D Plus.

You are not permitted to post the files in any public or private forum or make them in any way accessible to another person who was not the original purchaser or downloader or the product.

(b) You may not share or sell any files that you have created or modified from the original files you downloaded. Whilst you have made modifications to the files the original intellectual property is still retained by 3D Plus and the respective product creator.

(c) You may not sell or giveaway for free any physical parts and products that you produce and print from the files you download from 3D Plus. All copies of the product that you product are intended exclusively for your personal use. You cannot sell the parts as new or used in any forum.