Ender IDEX Kit Upgrades

Add these upgrades to your kit and take it to the next level!

Value 3D Touch Sensor
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A Value 3D Touch sensor that operates in the same way as the BL Touch but is not manufacturer by Antclabs. Idea for adding Auto Bed Levelling on a budget to your Ender IDEX printer. Purchased as an upgrade the cabling will arrive pre-installed.
USD$ 18.39
Capricorn PTFE Hotend Fix
.files-info { display: none; } Get the famous PTFE hotend fix pre-installed using genuine Capricorn PTFE and an ABS washer for maximum heat resistance. All Ender IDEX kits are printed using this "hotend fix" too. What is the hotend fix?
USD$ 4.90
Dual Gear Extruder
.files-info { display: none; } Dual drive gears will ensure maximum power and minimum skipping from your extruders. All Ender IDEX kits are printed with this extruder. Buy 2 to also upgrade Extruder 1 as well.
USD$ 12.26
E1 Metal Extruder Kit (Right Hand)
Upgrade your hotend 1 extruder to match hotend 2 in metal with the "right hard" arm to match the stock plastic extruder.
USD$ 9.81
BTT TFT35 E3 Touch Screen
.files-info { display: none; } Add a touch screen interface to your Ender IDEX machine. You can also switch between the classic LCD screen and the new touch interface with ease.
USD$ 49.04
6 x TMC2209 Stepper Drivers – upgrade
.files-info { display: none; } Silent stepper drivers enable your motors to move with almost no noise. The powerful stepper drivers also have a range of other powerful features. If you select this upgrade your kit will come with the larger motherboard lift box with enough space for the bigger stepper drivers.
USD$ 30.65