Ender IDEX – Parts – Extruder

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Complete Second Extruder
Complete extruder setup for hotend 2 including mount, motor and metal left hand extruder set, fully assembled.
USD$ 22.87
E1 Metal Extruder Kit (Right Hand)
Upgrade your hotend 1 extruder to match hotend 2 in metal with the "right hard" arm to match the stock plastic extruder.
USD$ 10.16
Extruder 2 Stepper Motor
Nema 17 40mm tall stepper motor, 1.5A rated current.
USD$ 13.97
Metal Extruder Kit (Left Hand)
Metal version of the classic Ender 3 extruder with a mirrored "left hand" arm for a symmetrical look.
USD$ 10.16
PETG Extruder Holder
Slides onto the top bar of the printer and holds the extruders either horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.
USD$ 6.35